Automa Tool

Automa Automation Testing tool

Have you heard of AUTOMA….It’s a newly launched UI automation testing tool. The concept is to create a simple to use scripting environment to be used by functional testers.

Automa works by controlling your mouse and keyboard. The written instructions are converted to mouse and keyboard actions and that’s how it works. You may not be able to use the keyboard and mouse during testing.

It looked very interesting, so I tried to do it myself and installed it and did a simple test with notepad as shown in the following video:

Pretty cool, isn’t. After getting impressed, I tried to do the functional testing for a simple web application and that’s when I realized, it dawned upon me that it requires Python to do and I am not familiar with python and that’s a bit disappointing. They must support Java. I am a diehard Java fan.

However it does look interesting and if they work and make it more powerful to test data driven applications, it can open up avenues for even non-programmers to get into automation testing.