Automation testing Vs Business Analysis career

Automation testing Vs Business Analysis career

A frequently asked question  – automation testing vs business analysis career choice? It’s a question, which we get quite often from manual testing professionals as well as non-IT professionals, who wish to enter the IT industry. In this post, we are going to examine, how can one decide between the two? Is one of them better than the other?

We have already discussed about the automation testing & business analysis career in details in the following posts, you may want to go through them, before deciding on the right career for you?



So, how do you decide? What are the factors, which need to be considered for making a choice?

Making the choice

There are couple of factors, which you must consider before making a choice. These factors are:

Evaluate your strength

Automation testing career requires programming whereas business analysis career requires strong communication skills. You need to evaluate whether you are ready to learn programming.

Don’t go by the perception and general perception that programming is tough. This may not be a wise move. If you have never done programming, it will be difficult. But that’s true for anything new. If you have to learn FRENCH, that too will be difficult.

You can use empirically proven techniques to learn a programming language. The approach is very similar to the approach taken to quickly learn a foreign language.

At Techcanvass, we have been working to find out easier and faster approaches to learn Java (a language needed for Selenium). We are working on a book on learning Java and selenium using a simple approach, we have named it “The Labyrinth Approach”. You can read couple of sections from the book, published on the blog and shown below:

READ : A simple way to learn Java

So, without going by the popular perception, try and answer the following questions:

  • Can you think logically?
  • Were you too bad in mathematics, even average will do?
  • Do you think you can learn something new?
  • Are you good in conveying your thoughts?
  • Do you like interacting with people?

If answer to any two of the first 3 questions is YES, then you can learn any programming language and can definitely go for automation testing career.

If answer to any two of last three questions is YES, then you are good for a business analyst career.

Learning curve

Automation testing will have steeper learning curve as it requires you to learn the basics of a programming language and the tool itself.

So what is the time frame, you should allocate for automation testing. In our view, you should be looking at 9-11 weeks for learning an automation testing tool properly.

If you are going for a Business analyst career, then the time frame is little shorter and should be around 7-8 weeks. In case you are going for IIBA certification, then add another 4 weeks for certification exam preparation. However make sure that you do a couple of projects in order to get hands-on expertise.

E-Book on business analysis career

Techcanvass has published an e-book on “How to become a business analyst”. This book is available for free download on our website. here is the link:

How to become business analyst


Choose your career move based on your strengths and aptitude rather than going by the popular perception.

In the end, I must say that learning has become a constant, you need to continuously learn and evolve as business environment has become challenging. I will end with Albert Einstein quote on learning:

Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it