Basics of Mobile Testing with Appium

Mobile Automation Testing with Appium

Mobile Automation Testing with Appium

How do we automate the testing of mobile apps? In this mobile automation testing with appium tutorial, you will learn the basics of mobile automation testing.

Appium is the most preferred tool for mobile testing as it supports both the leading platforms – iOS and Android. Mobile testing has been gaining ground as more and more mobility solutions are getting launched.


What is Appium?

Appium official website describes appium as:

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It drives iOS, Android, and Windows apps using the WebDriver protocol.

As you can see, it clearly indicates that Appium needs webdriver protocol to work, it means that one of the pre-requisites for learning Appium is Selenium. So what are the per-requisites for learning Appium?

Pre-requisites for learning Appium

The pre-requisites for learning Appium as mentioned below:

  • Java basics & Eclipse

Start by learning java classes, methods, programs structures, control structures only. The java requirement for Appium is very limited and even less as compared to Selenium. Read the following article to know more about Java requirement for selenium?

How much Java is required for Selenium?

  • Basic understanding of Android/iOS and SDK

A basic understanding of Android and iOS operating system and the SDK of the respective operating systems will be useful

  • Selenium Webdriver basics

Selenium webdriver is an important pre-requisite. Appium cannot work without webdriver. You need to learn how to work with webdrivers and its usage.

Selenium tutorial for beginners

Appium Tutorial

In this webinar recording, the speaker has discussed the basics of mobile testing and appium from scratch. You can’t need to know anything about Appium to follow the concepts discussed in this video.

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