I am into Manual Testing, can I learn Selenium & Java?

How difficult it is to learn Java and Selenium

How difficult it is to learn Java and Selenium

How difficult it is to learn Java and Selenium for manual testing professionals? This is a very common question in the minds of manual testing professionals , who wish to enter the field of Automation testing.

In this post, I will try and answer the question:

I am into Manual Testing, can I learn Selenium & Java?

Let’s have a quick look at the career path of a manual testing professional to set the context right.

Career path of testing professionals

A software testing professional, typically, starts as a manual testing professional. As a manual testing professional, you will start feeling stagnated after a couple of years. You need to start looking at options to grow as a professional.

The career graph below shows the options available for manual testing professionals to grow in their professional career. career path of a testing professional

There is another option which manual testing professionals can opt for and that is to for Business Analyst Role.


Automation testing & Programming

Automation testing is a natural growth path for every manual testing professional. Selenium has become the most used automation testing framework. To learn Selenium, you need to learn programming as it involves programming. You can choose any of the languages supported by Selenium like Java, Python, C#, Ruby etc.

Let’s talk about Automation testing and why do you need to learn programming?

First of all, let’s understand what are you expected to do as an automation tester. The most important point to understand is that automation testing is all about automating the testing of applications. What does that mean? It’s two step process:

  • Writing test cases in the automation testing tool (a manual process)
  • Running the test cases (completely automated)

Which are the tools/frameworks, which are popular in the industry?

There are a host of automation testing tools available in the market. Some of them are free while others are paid tools.  The most popular ones are shown below

Automation Testing Tools

Having established the context, let me start discussing about Java & Selenium.

Learning Java and Selenium

We are talking about Selenium and Java in this article here. In case of HP UFT it’s a scripting language. Every tool uses a different language.

What is the level of Java expertise, you need to acquire to be able to write automation scripts? It’s actually just a fraction of the complete language. I would put it at 20% of the complete java language.

However, the problem is not about the extent of learning. Most of the professionals find it difficult to get going in the beginning. The key challenges, which everyone faces:

a) Adapting to the programming culture

b) Trying to get into too much of details

c) Forming logic

d) Wrong approach to learn programming

Learning to program in Java or in any programming language for that matter, could be overwhelming. You can’t attempt to learn it in the conventional way.

Let me give you an example. How many of you have attempted to learn a foreign language? Few years back, myself and my team were expected to be deputed in Germany for 2 years. We had a month to fly off. Everyone felt that we should learn German language else things can get really tricky there as locals prefer to converse in German.

So, how do you learn German in a month? Should you start with learning grammar, as we did while learning English. But learning complete grammar and parts of speech, took us several years in school, isn’t it? Obviously, we needed to take a different approach. This is referred to as learning a language as a secondary language (LSL).

This approach uses a simple yet very effective approach. In this approach, you learn by using situations. You are taught the language using a conversation first and then explaining the sentence structure, vocabulary and the grammar. So, none of the elements of the language are ignored but they are covered in a contextual manner, making the learning process faster and to the point.

This approach may not make you the expert in a language, but you will be able to navigate successfully in the foreign land.

In case of learning Selenium, Java learning must be approached as secondary language. At Techcanvass, we have developed an approach based on “Functional Learning”. We call this approach – Functional learning approach for programming (FLAP). This approach has also adopted certain principles, which makes learning even simpler.

So, the point is  – Java is not difficult to learn and anybody can learn Java without any hassles.

Hope this post is able to motivate you to get into automation testing, without any apprehensions.

How can Techcanvass Help?

Techcanvass has developed a comprehensive set of tutorials including Java basics. You can also try our trial edition of Selenium training course, which includes basics of Selenium and a chapter on data types in Java.

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