Selenium 3.0 introduction Webinar [Video]

Selenium 3.0 introduction Webinar

Techcanvass conducted a webinar on Selenium 3.0 introduction recently. It was well received and was attended by good number of participants. As selenium 3.0 has been introduced recently, this webinar was planned to introduce you to this version of Selenium.

This webinar was conducted by a Selenium professional, who is working on Automation testing domain for more than 8 years and is based out of Pune.

Topics covered in the webinar

This was a 90 minutes live webinar with question and answer session. The topics covered in the webinar were as follows:

  • Brief History of Selenium
  • What’s the motivation behind Selenium 3.0
  • What’s new in selenium 3.0
  • How can you migrate from Selenium 2.x to 3.0
  • Live demonstrations on the following
    • WebDriver
    • WebElement
    • Locators & Stratergies
    • Demo 1 – Selenium 3

The webinar recording

We decided to share the webinar recording in full. You don’t need any registrations for viewing this webinar and this is exclusively available on this website only.


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