Selenium 4 release

What’s new in Selenium 4.0

The Selenium 4 will have some fundamental changes in the Selenium framework. It is expected to be released very soon. However, we will still have to wait and see but the Selenium 4 alpha release is already available but there is still no official announcement, so far.

What’s new in Selenium 4.0

Selenium 4.0 is going to be major shift in the way we work with selenium. In this article, we are going to have a look at the top expected changes in the new release. Here are the top changes, which may be part of Selenium 4.

Selenium 3.0 was released in October 2016 and since then there has been speculation about Selenium 4.0. In August 2018, Official selenium blog published an article announcing the death of Selenium IDE. However, it seems Selenium IDE will be part of Selenium 4 in a new avatar.

Here are some of the noteworthy changes in Selenium 4.

W3C compliance of Selenium Webdriver

Selenium web driver in release 4 is going to fully W3C compliant. This means that web driver can directly work with the browsers. This simply means that you don’t need to install any drivers to communicate with the browsers.

In the current edition, the web drivers communicate with browsers using browser specific drivers. So, you need to install drivers for each browser.

Chrome driver for CHROME

Gecko driver for FIREFOX and so on

This is a major improvement and make every automation engineer’s task easy.

Improved Selenium IDE

All new Selenium IDE is in the offing. With upgrades in Mozilla Firefox, the older version (HTML supported) of IDE stopped working and it was not updated. Now the IDE Nextgen is going to have Node.JS enabled interface and will be plug-in based. That means it can now be supported in any browser. Again, a major shift as earlier it was only available on Firefox.

With Node.js powering the command line interface (CLI) for Selenium IDE, we will see a much improved interface. It is also expected to run all types of tests as well as having parallel test execution capability.

Selenium GRID improved

Selenium GRID is used for setting up automation testing to support test case execution on different browsers, operating systems and machines. It comprises of Hub and Nodes. Learn more about Selenium Grid..

Selenium Grid

Setting up Hub and each node was always a tricky task and every professional must have encountered difficulties.

With Selenium 4.0 release, the problem has been addressed. With the version 4 release, there is no need to have any separate setups. Once the Selenium server is started, it can work as hub as well as node.

It’s also expected that Selenium 4 release will also address the thread-safety related defects.

Selenium GRID UI has also been upgraded and it will have a new look and feel.

There are other improvements also expected like better documentation and so on…Watch this space for more updates on Selenium 4 release.


Documentation plays an important role not only in success of any project but also in usability of new features. Creating and updating document is a tedious and time consuming task hence it was neglected since Selenium 2.0 release. Hence in this release, update of Selenium documents is the most anticipated development which will make it easy for both new and existing Selenium users to get the know-how of the latest release.

You can access the Selenium docs from here

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