Selenium tutorial for beginners

Selenium tutorial for beginners

Selenium tutorial for beginners

In this selenium tutorial for beginners, we present two videos covering basics of the following:

  • Selenium fundamentals with Java
  • Selenium fundamentals with python

These videos cover the basics of Selenium using two most used programming languages – Python & Java. You will learn the fundamentals of automation testing & selenium. These selenium tutorials are meant for beginners.

Selenium Tutorial with Java

This selenium video tutorial covers key topics for the beginners, as shown below:

  • Need for Automation
  • Automation Tools comparison
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Selenium Web driver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Setting up Selenium and Java
  • Running first Selenium script
  • Locators in Selenium

Java is an essential part of learning Selenium and Selenium libraries are written in Java. So, there is a natural integration between the two. However, automation scripts in Selenium can be written using multiple languages like java script, ruby on rails, C# etc.

Locators in Selenium

One of the key concept used in writing automation scripts using Selenium is the use of locators. In this selenium tutorial, the concept of locators has also been explained. The locators are actually mechanisms to refer to various elements on a web page. If you would like to test a text box or a drop down box or a list box, you first need to locate the element. Selenium uses WebElements to locate any item on the web page. The video does explain the concept with the help of example.

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Selenium Tutorial with Python

In this Selenium tutorial video with Python, you will learn the basics of Selenium 3.0 using python language. Techcanvass offers Selenium 3.0 training courses with Java & Python.

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