Selenium Bootcamp

Selenium Virtual Bootcamp Feb 2017

Selenium Virtual Bootcamp Feb 2017

Selenium virtual bootcamp is an event which you will not like to miss if you are planning to get into automation testing or selenium testing. The bootcamp will empower you with all the insights for getting started with Java and Selenium.

This online event is scheduled for 26th February and the duration of the event is 3 hrs. Join this even for insights, getting started presentations and to hear from professionals about their experiences of getting into Selenium.


This is a power packed virtual event with lots on agenda. However the underlying essence of this event is to get you started with automation testing. This event will help you understand insights, challenges and career options for starting up as selenium and automation testing.

The event will be attended by Selenium professionals from the industry sharing their experiences.

The detailed agenda is as shown below:

Introduction and welcome session                         DURATION 10 MINUTES

Each of the participants will be introduced along with the format of the session

How did I learn Java?                                               DURATION 30 MINUTES

A discussion and sharing of experiences on how each one of the panellist approached learning of Java. What made the learning of Java easier for them?

A presentation on approaches to learn Java.

Q & A session                                                            DURATION 20 MINUTES

Career path of an automation tester                    DURATION 20 MINUTES

How does an automation tester grow in an organization? What are the critical success factors? What are the certifications available at various stages? Are there any lateral movements possible to move to a different path?

Introduction to Java and Selenium                       DURATION 90 MINUTES

An introductory session on Java and selenium to get you started with the basics of Java. This will help you in making the first move towards learning Selenium 3.0.

Who should attend this event?

This event is designed and being organized for anyone who is new to Selenium or who would like to start their career in automation testing or Selenium.

What are the charges?

There are no charges for this event, it’s completely FREE.

How do I register?

You can register for the event by visiting the event page. Click on the image/link below to visit the page

Selenium Virtual Bootcamp