Top 5 Automation Testing tools

TOP 5 Automation Testing Tools

This post lists top 5 Automation testing tools picked up by our experts. We are in the era where time is considered as more precious than money and this can be seen in tons of IT organisation now trying to Automate most of the manual efforts. Right from considering Robots replacing manual task to AI handling customer queries on call. Each and every organisation is now considering going ‘LEAN’ (Learn more about LEAN: “How is Agile automation testing different than normal projects”).

So, organisations are looking for an opportunity or gap where Automation can fit in and save them time. Organisations, now a days, think from perspective that they can “Automate each and everything”.

The increased demand for automation is on top of the agenda in Software Testing industry. This led us to research and come up with the top 5 automation testing tools.

TOP 5 Automation Testing Tools

Here is the list of top 5 automation testing tools:






Top 5 Automation Testing Tools

SELENIUM (Since 2004)

Selenium as we all know is the most popular and widely used and accepted open-source web automation tool available in the market. It can automate testing across multiple operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux and browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and even Headless Browsers.

Selenium Logo

Selenium test script can be written in programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, R and Ruby. Apart from that one can use selenium’s record and playback feature available in Selenium IDE. The powerful Selenium WebDriver helps you create more complex and advanced automation scripts and one can make use of different Frameworks to design and automate your test cases too.

Now a days, we also have Winium to automate Windows desktop based applications. Winium is a new open source tool which is based on Selenium. So if you are already aware of how to use Selenium WebDriver then Winium is a cakewalk for you.

Similarly, we have Appium which also derives its roots from Selenium. Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms

So having a knowledge of Selenium will open doors for Winium and Appium and this according to me is a big plus over all other tools available in market

Katalon Studio (Since 2015)

A viable alternative to both open-source and commercial test automation solutions.

Katalon Studio team was assembled from KMS Technology automation enthusiasts. They have seen their clients’ test automation teams frustrating to find an affordable automation solution, simple to setup and use yet comprehensive enough to meet a variety of automation needs.

Katalon Logo

To address these challenges, they initially created Katalon Studio as a viable alternative to both open-source and commercial test automation solutions.

As per them,

“We also aimed for a versatile tool easy to use for both beginners and advanced testers”.

Katalon Studio is an open source automation tool built on top of Selenium and Appium. Thus, using Katalon you enhance those frameworks with Katalon’s easy to use features like object-spy (to identify objects), maintain object repository, Katalon’s IDE, browser’s plugin etc.

Katalon can be used to automate Web (UI and API) and Mobile applications. Being an open source, its free to use and supports Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems

Scripting language used is Java / Groovy. Even though it is not mandatory to learn programing language however Techcanvass still recommends it for advance level scripting

With integrations from third party apps like Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity, continuous integration becomes easy with Katalon. Katalon works extremely well with most popular test management tools like JIRA, qTest and one can even use Git for centralized repositories.

Katalon has a cool feature called Katalon Analytics that provides users with a clear and crisp view of their test execution reports. These reports can be seen on Katalon’s dashboard and gives user various customizable options to include metrics, charts, graphs in their reports

TestComplete (Since 1999)

Create complex and scalable automated UI functional tests in seconds with Record & Playback capabilities.

With Test Complete you can trust your recorded tests will always play back – powered by the most accurate and customizable object repository.


Test Complete has an open and flexible architecture that makes creating, maintaining and executing automated tests across desktop, web, and mobile applications easy, speedy, and cost effective. The best part is its ability to record robust automated tests without having a scripting knowledge.

Test complete supports regression test, parallel execution, cross-browser testing capabilities. Test Completes GUI object recognition capability can automatically detect and update UI objects thus improving efficiency and reducing maintenance efforts whenever there are any changes.

Test Complete has a limitation of only supporting Windows operating system however it has good support for Scripting languages: JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, C++, C#, Delphi and Python. Even though programming skills are not mandatory however it is still recommended for advanced test scripts creation / execution / maintenance.

With Test Complete continuous testing is made easy with integration from CI systems such as Jenkins/Bamboo etc. Even it has integration with Git, Visual Studio TFS etc. for version controlling

Test Complete works seemingly well with most popular test management tools like JIRA, HP QC etc.

Unified Functional Testing (UFT) Since 1998

UFT provides functional and regression test automation for every major software application and environment

UFT provides functional and regression test automation for every major software application and environment, including advanced Web 2.0 toolkits, leading development technologies, Web, REST, and SOA services, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.


UFT was part of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and now being taken over by Micro focus. UFT, previously known as Quick Test Professional (QTP), is one of the best automation tools for functional and regression testing.

UFT is easy to use and has 24X7 support options available. It supports Web (UI and API), Mobile, Desktop and Packaged applications. However, it’s not free and one has to pay a good price to use it. And only Windows operating system users can use UFT in and out, as it is not only compatible with Windows OS.

One need to know Visual Basic Script to understand the programming behind UFT and even its installation requires special trained user as the installation is bit complex. UFT supports cross-browser testing; script once and replay all tests across browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari.

TOSCA Test Suite

Tricentis Tosca is a Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps

Tricentis Tosca is a Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps.With the industry’s most innovative functional testing technologies, Tricentis Tosca breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional software testing tools.

Tosca TestSuite

Why choose Tricentis Tosca for test automation?

  • Reduce regression testing from weeks to minutes
  • Maximize reuse and maintainability with model-based test automation
  • Gain clear insight into the risk of your release candidates
  • Achieve sustainable automation with proven, market-leading technology

It’s Business dynamic steering is one of its best features Techcanvass has come across.

Tosca is bit different from other automation testing tools available in market. It is model-based test automation tool that provides numerous broad features and it’s one of the reason why it is in Techcanvass top 5 automation tool.

Tosca support GUI testing, API testing, Mobile testing, Service virtualization, Test data design and generation, Business intelligence testing and exploratory testing. Tosca works on Window operating system only and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge browsers only and it is not free.

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