Issues/ Challenges of adopting Automation Testing

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Every organization today would like to go ahead using automate software testing to save time and effort.  

However, the decision to go for the automation of testing and selection of an automation testing tool must be evaluated carefully.

One can come across many problems while selecting automation tools. 

Generally, nowadays, many automation tools are available in the market and some of these tools are licensed while some are free. 

Before deciding for automation, some of the testing issues/challenges we must consider are as follows-

  1. Unrealistic expectations
  2. Poor testing practices
  3. Expectations that automated tests will find new defects.
  4. Maintenance of automated tests
  5. Technical problems
  6. Organizational problems
  7. Tester can’t achieve 100% automation.
  8. Debugging and Validation of defects could be either it is false positive or not in the section of the code.

Unrealistic expectations:

Presently, all companies are moving from manual to automation testing and expect to have automation suites for the project. 

However, some of the projects may not be able to support automation like hardware testing. But management EXPECTS that they should also be automated. 

We can’t assure the tool will be implemented from a technical point of view and it will certainly not meet the expectations of the management.

Poor testing practices:

As seen in the above section, we can’t expect that automation is a good idea for all the projects. 

If the project documentation is not good, and if the test cases that are written are not very good at finding defects, then these impact the effectiveness of testing.

Expectations that automated tests will find new defects:

When you run the manual test cases for the first time you will get more defects. 

In the same way, if you run the automation script for the first time you may get more defects, which you may not get in manual testing. However, if you re-run the same script multiple times, you may not get any defects.


If you change either the environment setup (different versions of the operating system, different versions of the browser) or automation script with modified test cases, you may get new defects. 

We can’t expect to get defects every time the script is run.

Maintenance of automated tests:

Maintenance of automation tests is difficult because every time the software changes, we also need to update our scripts. 

Thereafter, we need to run the whole script to check if automation tests are running as per the expectations or we can get any new defects/issues. 

Updating scripts each time becomes a very difficult task!

Technical problems:

All the automation testers should have accurate knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, VB, Ruby, .Net, etc. 

Without any technical knowledge, it is not possible to write or run automation scripts. If we find the problem in script, we may not be able to fix it. 

Lack of technical knowledge will be a problem when it comes to the writing of automation scripts.

Organizational problems:

While selecting an automation tool, it is important to think of all the projects that it supports. 

Management teams need support and they have to implement a tool to support the culture of the organization. Time must be allocated for choosing the right tools, for training, for experimenting and learning on what works best. 

In an organization, every group may select different tool and develop the script accordingly. 

However, such usage of different tools makes it difficult to share it within the organization and maintain the automated test cases.


Summarizing every key point of using an automation tool and discussing the issues and challenges with it, we feel that automation tool should be suitable for all the projects in an organization.

Also, a Tester should have the technical knowledge to use the automation tool. 

While selecting the testing tool, one should be well versed in all the aspects of automation testing to avoid the pitfalls. 

Happy defect finding!


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